Betano doesn't process my withdraw request

17 iunie 2020, 14:04

Hello, I have submitted a withdraw request and even though my verification have been successfully completed, Betano doesn't proceed to the payment. I asked the customer support and they told me additional checks in security member's accounts are in prοgress and they don't know the time of the finalization. Is this something common because i found it very strange. They don't request any more documentation from my side and I even offered to come physically to their office with all the documents i possess. For depositing, this securing procedure was really fast with less documents needed and now they are stalling for unexplained reasons. How much should I wait? Do i need to contact with a lawyer? Multumesc Frumos

Suma: 6299 RON
Update: I received an email about processing my withdrawal.
Suggestion: It would be much better if they would inform the customer that they need 3 days to process the payment and I could happily wait than having this awkward message about security member's additional checks without knowing the finalization date.
These are Betano's rules, not ours. Good luck.
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Hello. A withdrawal is more difficult than a deposit at most bookmakers. I think your request will be honored soon because Betano is a serious bookmaker. We keep in touch.
Thanks for the response. Let's hope because the only update i receive from customer support is "few days few days". No specific answer, no contact from that department, no conversation with the Customer support manager. This is not customer friendly approach at all. At least to know when i should expect solution. It's my right. Anyway, I contacted with ONJN and told me that they shouldn't have me on hold more than 3 business days for these "routine" checks and I can submit a complaint. Let's hope tomorrow to get any news.